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Don’t tell people how to do things; tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.

– George S. Patton



i3 Global is built on the idea that mindfulness, clear communication, and compassion are all critical to long-term success of the company and its employees. i3 Global prides itself on being inclusive of its vision and direction and providing a positive, flexible work environment that breeds empowered employees that are encouraged to think freely and grow as much as they want within the company.


Our president has developed i3 Global from the ground up. He has a vision for where he wants the business to go, but is also flexible enough to adapt to ever changing business environments. He can relate to and is part of the millennial generation, and understands the necessity and benefit of creating a company culture and workplace atmosphere that aligns with the current and future workforce.


Executive staff is located with and accessible to all staff, and they value employee input and concerns in regard to how decisions are made. Employees are encouraged to drive their own success and growth within the company and are only bound by their own limitations.


We offer our employees a flexible work experience that exemplifies the true meaning of work-life balance. Not only does i3 Global promote a flexible and remote work schedule, we offer multiple opportunities for team building and company sponsored activities that offer a benefit to employees beyond just a dollar value on a paycheck.


As part of a rapidly growing tech firm, we encourage our internal staff to grow and expand along with the company. We hire only the most talented staff because we know they will have the capacity and interest in learning new skills, and not feeling stuck in a role they may have grown out of.


We have amazing benefits that rival any business in the industry related to salary, health benefits, 401k matching, as well as endless perks for staff. i3 Global is constantly reinvesting into its company culture and employees to build long term retention and satisfied staff that are passionate about the work they do.

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