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Water Follies 2018

August 30, 2018 10:48 pm Leave your thoughts

This year, i3 Global had the privilege of being an official Media Sponsor of the Tri City Water Follies.


This event, bringing in 65,000 people over the weekend to the Tri Cities to watch H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes race for the Columbia Cup, was quite the task to pull off.

We had a big job – social media management, photography, videography, video editing, and designing the official artwork. This has been an ongoing project that began last year and has really involved our entire staff.

Overseeing Social Media for the Water Follies has been an experience of a lifetime! Many months prior to the actual event we formed a marketing game plan to gain interest not just from the Tri Cities but surrounding areas too. Even when you have a client that is a once a year event, you still need to keep your audience’s attention and gain followers. Using inbound marketing and high-quality photos/videos in our posts helped us accomplish that.

Lucas Oil Air Shows and SOCOM Para-Commandos collaboration at the HAPO Air Show

Lucas Oil Air Shows and SOCOM Para-Commandos collaboration at the HAPO Air Show

Jason Fitzgerald with Water Follies Director Kathy Powell

i3 Global Art Director Jason Fitzgerald with Water Follies Director Kathy Powell

Jason was the mastermind behind the official artwork. Using the 1982 Columbia Cup’s artwork as an inspiration, he spent several days on his Wacom tablet perfecting the branding of this year’s event. Jason has been working on Water Follies art for 13 years now and knocks it out of the park every year. With over 100 international design awards, it’s clear Jason knows what he is doing!

The event itself was quite an adventure! Mostly because I broke my leg on Friday night and still worked the rest of the event, although Josh graciously stepped in to help on Sunday. We had a game plan though, and for the most part we stuck to it. Mike R., Heath, Joey, and Josh took turns on photo/video duty and Tracie and I traded off Social Media. We had a shot list and an agenda but had to remain flexible for times when events were delayed or cancelled. Thankfully we planned ahead and had some photos lined up to be able to post at a moment’s notice.

GP-15 and the Columbia Bridge

GP-15 and the Columbia Bridge

Our intern Mike D., and Project Manager JR had the exciting opportunity of installing and turning on the go-pros attached to the hydroplanes. But they weren’t the only ones who got up close and personal with the boats, drivers, and crew! Since we were official media, we had hot pit passes and were able to take photos and videos as close as on the docks. Meeting the drivers and seeing the action so close was unanimously the most memorable moment of our whole team.

The party was bumping at the i3 Global private tent with music provided by Bonsai Audio, food by Slampigs Catering, and drinks from Solar Spirits. It was such a great time, even Andrew Tate stopped by to say hi before winning the 2018 Columbia Cup! 

Tracie with Andrew Tate, winner of the 2018 Columbia Cup with Team U-9, Les Schwab Tire.

It was a dream being part of this project, and we can’t wait for next year!

-Cat Hahn, i3 Global Social Media Marketing

Awards Ceremony

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