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Employee Feature: Mike Reisenauer

August 23, 2018 11:04 pm Leave your thoughts

Mike Reisenauer hit a big landmark this week! We are celebrating his 35 year anniversary in the creative field and felt it appropriate to share 15 interesting facts about Mike!

Water Lillies being so cool

Mike’s Water Lily Photography

  1. Mike was born and raised in Richland, WA!
  2. He graduated from Central Washington University, originally majoring in Music Education before switching to Graphic Design.
  3. Mike has worked for some big names – Starting at Battelle (PNNL) 35 years ago as a Technical Illustrator, Lockheed Martin, and Leidos as a Senior Illustrator. He now oversees large format design and printing of displays and exhibits for I3 Global.
  4. Mike can play expert level FreeCell without cheating! He is excellent at problem solving.
  5. He sings, plays guitar, and sets up all the sound equipment for his church.
  6. Mike’s secret passion is taking photos of Water Lilies.
  7. He and his wife have been married for 31 years and have 4 children.
  8. He has volunteered for many years as photography chairman and slideshow guy for the Christ the King Sausage Festival.
  9. Mike is a member of the Knights of Columbus, a willing volunteer, and Council Trustee.
  10. He and his wife were awarded the Knights of Columbus, Washington State Family of the Year Award in 2015.
  11. Three months later, they were named second runner up for the Knights of Columbus International Family of the Year.
  12. Two of Mike’s kids are United States Marines.
  13. Mike likes to grow things, cook things, and build things.
  14. He can make his own harvest beer from apples!
  15. At the end of the day, Mike likes drinking a good beer and relaxing with his wife.

Congrats on the milestone, Mike! We are glad you're part of our team!

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