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Kindra’s Wok’n Roll

July 2, 2018 8:00 am Leave your thoughts

At i3 Global, our media services team is fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients. Everything from multi-national corporations, government agencies to small businesses.


One of our first small business clients was Kindra’s Wok N Roll. A local favorite food truck usually found in north Richland that provides amazing Fusion Asian delicacies, and friend of our President and local food blogger Kris Lapp who has officially tagged them as “Lapp-Daddy Approved”. The owner Kai wanted a new vibrant look without appearing too generically Asian, with something that was reflective of the region a little.

What we came up with was a rich warm background and new logo. The sun rising over the hills that surround our area, with the grass designed as stylized fire in theme with the wok cooked food.


I began designing in Adobe Illustrator but ended up using the software called CorelDraw because part of the pattern was proving too complicated for Illustrator to handle. I actually do prefer CorelDraw for different types of projects. One reason is because the size of the artboards aren’t as limited compared to Illustrator so I can actually design trade show booths, or this vehicle at 100% scale. In my opinion I also find it to be a more “fluid” design program for how many of the tools within it work. Although I do enjoy working in Illustrator and use it more often as it is the rest of our teams choice. Each of the programs have their strengths.


Unfortunately though Corel is not nearly used as much in the U.S. compared to Adobe products. So one challenge I did have was during the exporting process to get it back over to Illustrator so that vendor chosen for the wrap could do some tinkering before print. Something about the complexity of the flames and all of the gradients was just a bear for Illustrator for some reason, where as I rarely have that issue between the programs. But we got it done!


Kindra’s opened in 2016 and is named after their daughter who had passed away. Every year the family saves away a portion of their profits to create a scholarship for children in the area in honor of their daughter.

— Jason Fitzgerald, Multimedia Designer, i3 Global

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