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Fuse Signage Install

June 25, 2018 9:17 pm Leave your thoughts

We recently had the pleasure of working with Fuse SPC on some graphics and signage for their recent move from their original location to their new location at The Parkway!


I3G had its humble beginnings working out of the original office on George Washington Way, and maintains an office at the new location, so we were very excited to be selected to provide the support for this project.

Each project has unique challenges, which we look at as an opportunity for both professional and personal growth.


One of the challenges, and biggest lessons learned, with this project was procuring a lift that was able to fit on the sidewalk and still allow us to reach the required elevation needed to work on Fuse’s amazing exterior vinyl mural. The company we originally selected a lift from upsized our lift, which would have been a non-issue if there would have been a larger surface area to drive on. This lift ultimately needed to be exchanged for a smaller lift, through a different rental company, due to the size of the sidewalks at The Parkway. For our particular needs, it would have been beneficial to contact a few other rental places to procure the lift specifically needed. Even under a tight deadline, it doesn’t payoff to rely on a vendor who “might” have the equipment you need.


Performing work in the lift was ultimately a good team building experience, and I learned that our designers turned installers for the day, Joey and Josh are not too keen on heights! Huge thank you to the both of them for sticking it out and going out of their comfort zone to try to provide top notch service to our client! In addition to install support, Joey and Josh both helped provide design work for the project. We also had our very own Mike, resident production expert, pitch in to provide some installation support off and on during the project, which was very much appreciated.

Lastly, I would like to thank Fuse SPC for allowing us this opportunity to work with them, Eclipse Media for assisting in the outside mural installation, and United Rentals for providing us with the (right) lift in a moment’s notice!

— JR, Project Manager, i3Global

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