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i3 Global taking the lead in “IT/IS” at Hanford Site.

August 5, 2016 3:54 am Leave your thoughts

In the ever changing world of D.O.E and Hanford, I-3 Global has emerged as one of the leading small businesses poised to be at the forefront of what is to come in the Federal tech environment.

At the end of 2015, i3 Global was awarded a Mentor-Protege contract, focused in developing and growing their IT/IS capabilities. Since then, i3 Global has been busy and was awarded the contract to operate the Hanford Help Desk as well as a large portion of the Application and Software Development/Support teams, which had previously been operated by Lockheed Martin for many years. The move from Lockheed Martin to a local small business, shows the federal governments commitment to supporting socio-economic growth within the communities it operates and the businesses that call those communities home.

While not an easy transition for all involved, the individuals that support these works scopes have shown amazing resilience to keep up a high standard of work, while adjusting to an agile and flexible business culture that is more closely aligned to those normally thought of at larger tech firms such as Amazon and Google. The new culture has been widely embraced and welcomed, with most feeling like it was time for a change in the way business gets done at Hanford. Help Desk Lead, Sheryl Rogers says “I look forward to the focused and personalized support our team will receive by being a part of the i3 Global Team, moral has never been higher”. President of i3 Global, Kris Lapp, hopes that his ability to work on-site and alongside his staff, will further enforce the way in which i3 Global plans to integrate their company culture into the federal environment.

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